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Itzpapalotl Cuetlaxochitl

I am Madre of 4 and I'm Grandma Ehecatl to my beautiful granddaughter. Not only have I survived a childhood of sexual, physical and emotional abuse at the hands of an alcoholic father from age 5 to almost age 17, I THRIVE despite what I went through. After a few attempts when I was younger to end my life, I AM STILL HERE! I went through several challenging relationships throughout my adulthood, always ending up with an abusive, alcoholic or drug addicted partner where the cycle of abuse continued. I've been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD. I choose to GROW through what I go through. In 2011 my son took his own life at 21 years old and although I am forever broken, I am healing and I AM BLESSED! I'm danzante Azteca, activist in the National Brown Berets and every day I am grateful for life's beauty AND it's struggles. I live for that balance. I feel deep within my heart that there can be no light without the dark, no joy without knowing sorrow and no true appreciation for life without knowing death. I feel I am still here on earth to raise up others, to reaffirm them on their worth and beauty. I feel I am also here to walk with and offer support to those who have lost loved ones and to accompany the dying throughout their journey and beautiful transition to what may come next.🦋


Katherin Canton

(they/them/theirs) is GuateMayan, a weaver, healer, cultural organizer, 3rd generation renter, and facilitator raised on Yelamu (occupied Ramaytush Ohlone land - San Francisco) and Huichin (occupied Chochenyo Ohlone land/Oakland).


mariana IX moscoso

I am mariana IX moscoso (they/them/theirs)—a nonbinary ethnically mixed and partially detribalized Mayan queer with afro-indigenous roots. I am a solo parent to an amazing human being, an artivist passionate about digital art and zine making. I am also a child, a sibling, and the Transformative Arts Program Manager at the California Arts Council.


Marcus Lee

Marcus Lee is a Painter, Drawer, Illustrator, Sculptor, Muralist, Martial Artist (of Capoeira), and water graffiti artist. He received his BFA in Painting/Drawing from California College of the Arts in 2013 and is making art in San Francisco.  Primarily painting and drawing, his inspiration comes from seafood, pets, creatures, floral decorations, gemstones/minerals, dreamy landscapes, and the human figure.  His subject matter is about the celebration of a growing surreal utopia, built on desire, whimsical humor, and strange beauty.

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Titus Animates

An animator and motion designer from San Francisco/ Bay Area and currently in Portland. Creating and studying motion to tell stories from people and places that are normally looked over or under heard.