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Aq'ab'al Talisman

Aq'ab'al Talisman

This is a talisman of the nawal Aq'ab'al. The nawal of Aq’ab’al supports the development of new relationships,  projects, and ideas. Aq’ab’al is the nawal of the sunrise and sunset. We recommend meditating with your talisman at these times to receive your blessing from Aq’ab’al.


This talisman was blessed on 8 Ajpu in the year 5,129.

  • How to use your talisman

    Talismans are used to bring in the energy of the nawal into your life and contain a message for you on the back. You can place your talisman on your altar or carry it with you. It is recommended to meditate with your talisman daily, ideally in the morning, by first honoring the four directions and then repeating the talisman’s name four times while focusing your energy on your request to the nawal. When your request comes to fruition make sure to give an offering and gratitude in return.

  • Material & Size

    Each talisman may vary in color, size, and shape because they are handmade then blessed in ceremony. This talisman is 2.5"x1.5"x1" and made of air dry clay, acrylic paint, ink, and ceremonial magic.


  • Price information

    The price of this talisman is based on the energy of 13. Thirteen is the number of the ancestors. It facilitates connection with the spirit world.

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