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Photo of Lake Atitlán by Tzutu Kan


Healing in Iximulew: Welcome


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This is a five day course where participants will be introduced to Mayan massage, how to give the massages, how to self massage and receive a treatment of three massages. The courses are part of a self healing journey, which includes entering the tuj or temazcal and to make a ceremony for ourselves. We will learn to give the massage to others, practice to wearing and placement of the faja (belt), and receive a massage by Doña Dominga. A nice bonus is we will learn to make a heating balm for the massage! 

The course includes a manual and the faja woven by hand by Doña Dominga, elder midwife of San Marcos, who teaches the course along with Maria Eugenia Gobbato. 

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The tour begins on the most beautiful lake in the world, Tz´ununya´ (Lake Atitlán) and is lead by Mayan Hip Hop and visual artist, Tzutu Kan. On this tour you will:

  • Learn how the lake was formed, who and what is Xocomil, and about Mayan culture in the region, including the epic history of Tz´utujiles, Kaqchikeles and Kiches while touring the lake

  • Visit the ancient city of Chuitinamit and immerse yourself in the vibrant Mayan life of the Aj Tz´ikinjay/Santiago Atitlán. 

  • Learn about the Milpa system, (corn, beans and squash) and visit the Mesoamerican Permaculture Institute (IMAP)

  • Take a tour of public Mayan contemporary art

  • Learn about the Mayan calendar and the 20 nawales through Mayan Hip Hop

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Maya Abdominal Massage Course (5 days) $444

Mayan Fire Ceremony (1 day) $40

Cultural Tour in the Central Mayan Highlands (1 day) $100

Shared Room and breakfast at La Estrella (7 days) $200



*This total does not include round trip flights to and from Guatemala

As a healing-centered collective, this opportunity is available to people who identify as Black, indigenous, and/or people of color, in particular for individuals who are or feel connected to the Mayan lineage. With that in mind, we understand that the cost of flights and the reciprocity to the culture bearers can be a barrier to access. For that reason this opportunity is available on a sliding scale of $100 to $784. However, no one will be turned away for a lack of funds.

While this program is on a sliding scale, we ask that you reflect upon a sliding scale rate that takes into consideration your ability to pay what is affordable to you. The reciprocity requested is to ensure economic justice to Mayan indigenous community members sharing ancestral knowledge and time. If you have financial privilege, we want to suggest you give more than the total cost to pay-it-forward to our community members that are unable to pay the full amount. To support your reflection on financial privilege, please use Alexis J. Cunningfolk’s blog, “The Sliding Scale: A Tool of Economic Justice”. This resource will help you center justice-seeking practices and can serve as a tool for determining what is your ability to pay.

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