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About The Ritual of Myth Making

Myth making and ritual are central to Indigenous cosmology. It is a practice that expands across time and space from Turtle Island to Abya Yala (the Western Hemisphere). Myth making and ritual are practices that (re)imagines and (re)creates the world we live in. In The Ritual of Myth Making, we believe myth and ritual can be used as a tool for our collective liberation. 
This exhibition responds to this belief by creating new narratives for an (re)indigenizing cultural shift from white supremacy. The artworks featured and co-created with the community are one of the many ways we hybrid old ways (Indigenous traditions) and future ways (Indigenous futurism) of existing as Indigenous peoples. For some of us it is a process of (re)creating rituals, (re)indigenizing, decolonizing, and/or creating myths as a way for us to find our place within a cosmology of stars, ancestors, and healers. 
As future ancestors, healers and facilitators we created a wider space for Indigenous identified people locally in California and across the world to not only create, but to exchange contemporary myths through our online art exhibition space. In doing so, it is the curators’ hope that together we can (re)envision our way into our next world.


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